Heat Strengthened glass generally called HS glass, is not treated as Safety Glass when compared to Tempered Glass and when it breaks it does not usually resemble Tempered glass.

Heat-strengthened glass enables architects and building designers to utilize larger spans of glass while reducing the risk of spontaneous thermal and wind breakage with a product two times the strength of annealed glass of equal thickness.

Thermal Breakage: When the direct sunlight comes on a pane of glass when the glass surface tends to heat up. This heating is not uniform in nature. The central part that is exposed get more sunlight and heats up faster but the edges are relatively cooler and this creates temperature difference inside the same pane of glass and when it crosses specified limit then there is a chance of thermal breakage. But a heat strengthened glass has significantly higher edge strength to withstand the chances of thermal breakage.

Heat Strengthened glass, which is widely used in the construction industry, differs from tempered glass by its manufacturing process, the most essential difference being the cooling pressure used.

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